1) What Is Wakeboarding?
Wakeboarding is America’s fastest growing water sport. It’s essentially a combination of water skiing and snowboarding. Wakeboarders ride on a board slightly larger than a snowboard and ride on top of the water at speeds around 20 miles per hour. Beginners love that wakeboarding is fun, easy to learn, and allows everyone to progress their skill level at their own pace. Experienced wakeboarders love that they can amp up the adrenaline by launching themselves into the air using either the wake or various man-made jumps and obstacles.

2) What Is Cable Wakeboarding?

Cable wakeboarding is new to the United States and is currently only available in seven places in the entire country. In cable wakeboarding, a high tech “pulley” system drives riders around a body of water (as opposed to riders being pulled by a boat).

3) What’s the Difference Between Cable Wakeboarding at Wake Nation and Traditional Wakeboarding Behind A Boat?
The Wake Nation cable wakeboard experience is easier for beginners than the traditional boat wakeboard experience for a multiple of reasons. First, riders can use a “dry start” (starting on a dock) rather than trying to learn how to get up on the board while already in the water. Then, because the cable system pulls riders upwards (as opposed to horizontally toward a boat), it makes it easier for beginners to stay up. Additionally, because our entire park is man-made, the experience is more “predictable” than traditional boarding, making it easier for beginners to adjust and learn from any mistakes. All of the advantages of cable wakeboarding have been maximized at Wake Nation because our entire park was specifically designed from the ground up to maximize the ease and entertainment for both beginners and experienced riders alike.
Cable wakeboarding at Wake Nation is also great for experienced riders because they can do air tricks they can’t do behind a boat and because they can board off our floating jumps and obstacles if they so choose. Finally, rather than needing access to a boat and a large body of water, anyone can simply come to Wake Nation with a bathing suit and immediately start wakeboarding because we have everything you need on site (equipment, lockers, towels, food, etc.).

4) How Hard Is It To Cable Wakeboard?
Cable wakeboarding is a fun and exciting sport that anyone age 5 or older can do. Most riders learn how to successfully get up and stay up on their board within their first hour or two (which is why we recommend first timers start with a two-hour ride pass). Those with “balance” sport experience (skiing, skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, etc.) tend to learn the fastest, but anyone can learn how to wakeboard their first morning on a board. If you’re worried about difficulty, start with a kneeboard instead of a wakeboard and you’ll be riding around the lake in minutes.

5) What is Wake Nation?
Wake Nation is a state-of-the-art watersports complex that includes a 10-acre man-made lake, a huge observation deck (so non-participants can watch the action on the lake), a pro shop, and a full concession stand. Wake Nation is one of only 10 cable water parks in the entire United States.
Our patented cable system allows riders to utilize wakeboards, water skis, kneeboards, or wakeskates on our lake – without needing a boat. Because our lake is entirely man made, it was specifically designed from the ground up to create the ultimate ride experience for both first timers and experienced riders alike.
Wake Nation is located 20 miles south of Downtown Houston. For information regarding our current operating schedule, please visit our Hours and Directions page.

6) Where is Wake Nation located?
Wake Nation Houston is located at 4411 County Road 418, Rosharon, TX 77583. We’re just minutes south of downtown Houston.

7) What Hours Is Wake Nation Open?
For information regarding Wake Nation’s current operating hours, please visit our Hours and Directions page.

8) Do you have any tips for Wake Nation First Timers?
Yes we have many! Click here for our tips for first timers.

9) Do you offer lessons?
Yes. Wake Nation has a staff of trained professionals available for both individual and group lessons. Lessons are available to riders of any skill level ranging from beginners just starting out to advanced riders who want to learn the hottest new tricks and maneuvers.
Many of our group packages include a free introductory group lesson so that your party can maximize their learning and enjoyment while at the park. For more information about lessons, please click here.

10) How much does it cost?
We offer a variety of activity options at Wake Nation, each with different pricing. Please see our pricing section here for detailed information

11) Does it cost anything to just watch?
No. Watching great wakeboarders in action is almost as much fun as wakeboarding yourself, so we welcome anyone and everyone to come and enjoy our large observation deck. There’s no admission cost at Wake Nation and parking is free, so you only end up paying if you go for a ride on the lake. Until then, Wake Nation is a great place for non-riders to enjoy some time in the sun and watch their friends and others out on the lake.
While on the observation deck, be sure to visit our Pro Shop and concession stand.

12) What activities do you offer?
Riders at Wake Nation are welcome to wakeboard, water ski, kneeboard, and/or wakeskate on our lake anytime the park is open. We also have a observation deck, Pro Shop, and full concession stand for when you’re not actually out on the lake.

13) Do I need my own equipment?
No. You are more than welcome to bring and use your own equipment, but we have all the equipment necessary for any/all of our activities (wakeboarding, water skiing, kneeboarding, and wakeskating) available for rent. You can just bring your bathing suit as we’ve got everything else you need on-site.

14) Do you sell the equipment I need?
Everything you need for any of our water sports is available for both rental and sale.

15) What should I bring with me?
Please feel free to bring your own equipment if you have it and want to use it, but the only thing you really need to bring is a bathing suit. We’ve got everything else you need (including lockers) on site.

16) Are there any discounted prices available for groups?
If your group includes 10 or more riders, you qualify for our specially discounted rates. For more information, please review our Groups information here or call us at (281) 431-4444.

17) Is Wake Nation currently offering any specials/discounts/coupons?
Wake Nation offers a variety of coupons and special offers. Be sure to join our mailing list to receive even more offers and updates.

18) What’s the waiver and why do I need it?
Everyone who rides at Wake Nation is required to first sign a liability waiver. If you’re under the age of 18, you must have the form signed by a parent or legal guardian. Please note all riders must be over the age of 7 years old.
All riders need to complete a new waiver form each riding season, but once we have your waiver on file, you made ride as often as you wish during that season without completing the waiver form again.

19) Do you provide donations to charity organizations?
Wake Nation Houston is very willing to help out and provide donations to charitable organizations whenever we can. Please mail us a letter with your request on your organization letterhead with the name and date of your event, the purpose of the event, and your organization’s tax ID number. Please also let us know when you need your request filled by.
Please mail your request to:
Wake Nation Marketing Team, 201 Joe Nuxhall Way,
Fairfield, OH 45014

20) Is Wake Nation currently hiring?
Wake Nation is always looking for fun, responsible, and energetic team members to join our staff. If you fit the criteria, please email us your resume at Info@wakenation.com. We may not always have immediate openings available, but we’ll keep your information on file for when an opening does arise.

21) Is it fun?
Of  course. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be here and neither would our customers. In fact, cable wakeboarding is so much fun that after our founder first discovered the sport in the Philippines, he immediately quit his job and started Wake Nation.

22) Do you offer Gift Certificates?
Yes, gift certificates can now be purchased in a variety of denominations. Please call us at (281) 431-4444 or visit us at the park to purchase and to get more information.

23) What if my question hasn’t been answered?
Please feel free to call us at (281) 431-4444 and/or email michael@wakenation.com. We’ll do our best to answer your question as soon as we can and if it’s one other people are asking, we’ll be sure to add the information to our website.