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The 2013 National Points Chase is finally here.  We will be running it on Tuesday evenings through June and July from 4-8pm. There are 6 weeks this year and your top 4 count.

The entry fee is $15 per event or $60 for all six weeks.  Signup early and get placed toward the bottom of the running order in your division.  You can download the registration form below and bring it in or just fill one out at the park.

Download the 2013 Points Chase entry form

Go to the Points chase website for news and full rules

Week 1: June 11
Week 2: June 18
Week 3: June 25
Week 4: July 9
Week 5: July 16
Week 6: July 23

1. Beginner Wakeboard
2. Amateur Wakeskate
3. Novice Wakeboard NEW for 2013
4. Intermediate Wakeboard5. Advanced Wakeboard
6. Professional Wakeskate
7. Professional Wakeboard

Beg. Wakeboard: 50% Sliders / 30% Kickers / 10% Ollie Tricks / 10% Composition
Am. Wakeskate: 35% Sliders / 35% Kickers / 20% FlatsTricks / 10% Composition
Nov. Wakeboard: 40% Sliders / 40% Kickers / 10% Ollie & Air Tricks / 10% Composition
Int. Wakeboard: 35% Sliders / 35% Kickers / 20% Ollie & Air Tricks / 10% Composition
Adv. Wakeboard: 30% Sliders / 30% Kickers / 30% Air Tricks / 10% Composition
Pro. Wakeskate: 30% Sliders / 30% Kickers / 30% Flats Tricks / 10% Composition
Pro. Wakeboard: 30% Sliders / 30% Kickers / 30% Air Tricks / 10% Composition

Each rider will get two turns. The rider’s run will begin when he or she leaves the dock and will continue until he or she falls, or the carrier reaches tower one a second time. This means the rider gets a full lap and an extra pass on the first stretch. (This may vary from site to site due to size of the cable) The rider must let go before tower one. We will go through the running order and then return to the first rider and go through the complete order a second time. The judges will choose the riders best run and discard the other completely. All divisions EXCEPT beginner & amateur wakeskate will get a wildcard. The wildcard is one extra trick that will be added to the riders best run. The wildcard trick should be done immediately following the riders second turn if he or she does not fall. Just remain riding and perform your wildcard where appropriate. If the rider falls on their second run they should immediately return to the starting dock to get their wildcard turn. While on your wildcard lap ONLY do the single wildcard trick or the judges may score the wrong trick. The same trick will not be scored twice in the same run but can be repeated in the second run since the judges will be taking the best turn not a combination of the two.

Beginner Wakeboard:
Kickers: Spins – Front Side 180s Only, Add some style! No Inverts
Air Tricks: No Air tricks, Ollie 180 front side and backside and slaeshing
Rails: Judges Discrestion (No Transfers)
No WildCard (May be added at Championship)

Amateur Wakeskate:
Kickers: Spins – Frontside 180’s, HS & TS Airs (NO: BS spins or FS 360 or more, no shuv or flip tricks off)
Flats Tricks: Shuv FS & BS, 180 body varials, 180’s fs & bs (NO: 360 shuv, Big Spins & Flip Tricks)
Rails: Riding them, spins up to 360 on them, 1 shuv either off or on top of, not onto the box or rail. (NO: Everything else)
No WildCard (May be added at Championship)

Novice Wakeboard:
Kickers: Spins – Front Side 360s and backside 180s Only. One Basic Invert allowed in Run
Air Tricks: Ollie 180 and 360 both front side and backside. One Air Trick (Only: Railey, Roll, Roll to Revert or Krypt) can be done in the run.
Rails: Judges Discrestion (No Transfers)
WildCard: Intermediate Run Restrictions

Intermediate Wakeboard:
Kickers: Spins – Front Side 540s and backside 360s Only. All Basic Inverts allowed in Run (No 360 Inverts)
Air Tricks: Basic Air tricks, No Blind Landing Tricks or mobes. (S-Bends & Vulcans are allowed)
Rails: Judges Discrestion
WildCard: Advanced Run Restrictions

Advanced Wakeboard:
Kickers: Spins – Front Side 720s and backside 540s Only. All Basic Inverts, basic blind tricks and 360 inverts without a handle pass are allowed in Run (No handle pass 360 Inverts)
Air Tricks: Basic Air tricks, Blind Landing Tricks allowed. HS Mobes are only full twisting invert allowed in run. (S-toBlinds are allowed)
Rails: Judges Discrestion
WildCard: No Restrictions

Professional Wakeskate:
No Restrictions

Professional Wakeboard:
No Restrictions