5 Reasons to Learn to Wakeboard

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about-wrapperWakeboarding is not just for kids – it’s for teens, young adults, and adults alike. There’s no age limit on how old you can be to wakeboard, so that means there’s also no age limit on how old you can be to start. Still looking for a good reason to try wakeboarding this summer? Here’s 5:

1. It’s Easy

Really – we promise. And no, it doesn’t require a lot of strength either. Standing up on a wakeboard is really quite easy with just a few tips. The cable does all the work for you! All you have to do is hang on, and enjoy the ride.

2. Everyday is a Good Day

Whether you’re cruising around perfecting your latest trick, or you can hardly stay upright today – any day on the water is a great day.

3. Meet New People

Wakeboarding is a hugely social sport. Come out to Wake Nation and you’ll see exactly what we mean. We have a whole community of riders who share their love of the water, and encourage each other to come out and ride and try new things.

4. It’s Good For You

While it doesn’t take much strength to stand up, staying up and navigating your way around the lake will develop your upper body and core strength. Start throwing in tricks, and your leg strength and balance will start to improve too.

5. You Don’t Have to be Strapped In

Concerned about being connected to a board? Not to worry – try wakesurfing or wakeskating. Both of these sports play off of skateboarding. You aren’t strapped onto the board and instead wear shoes that have traction on the grip tape that’s on top of the board. These sports are also at a slower speed where you simply ‘surf’ which may be a bit more comforting for you as well.

So come out and try wakeboarding this summer at Wake Nation Houston. We’d love to see you here! First timers join us on Saturday mornings for our slow cable hours to have an opportunity to learn the ropes (pun intended) at slower speeds.