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5 Reasons to Learn to Wakeboard

Wakeboarding is not just for kids – it’s for teens, young adults, and adults alike. There’s no age limit on how old you can be to wakeboard, so that means

Adventure for the Family

Wake Nation brings together the whole family with an afternoon of adventure in Houston, TX! Our facility offers a wide variety of attractions that will keep everyone entertained for hours

Becoming a Beginner

Before you try something, you can’t even call yourself a beginner. You’ve simply – never tried. Is that you when it comes to wake boarding? Have you simply never even

Climb Higher

The ropes course at Wake Nation was installed as a way to offer more unique opportunities, adventures, and experiences to our visitors. Over the years, we’ve seen it do way

Take Your Team to a New Level

“The customer is always right.” How many times have you heard that statement? Hypothetically, that mindset is¬†supposed to create a business that caters to your customers, and therefore creates a

Celebrate with Adventure

Birthday parties are more than just cake and ice cream – now there’s all kinds of options for hosting your child’s birthday party – why not make it one they’ll

Liquid Force + Wake Nation Free For All

Wake Nation is part of a growing population of cable wake parks in the country. As the number of parks across the country grows, so does the following for the

Summers at Wake Nation

Summertime living is not just easy – but it’s a ton of fun here at Wake Nation! Summer is our favorite time of year and we want you to come

What Should I Wear When Paintballing?

If you are heading out for a fun session of paintballing with your friends or coworkers, Wake Nation provides you with the gun and protective mask. However, to get the