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GoPro Laps

12.01.2012   Pete   videos   No comments

A few GoPro laps with Cole loans links GoPro HD: wakeboarding on the cable from Sam Moser on Vimeo.

An Evening at the Cable

12.01.2012   Pete   videos   No comments

An Evening Riding at the Cable with Mark, Denver, Luke and then Keith from M2. Enjoi Wake Nation from Sam Moser on Vimeo.

Face the Nation

30.10.2011   Pete   videos   No comments

Our Face the Nation event went off without a hitch and everyone involved had a great time.  Check out this video that Sam Moser made from the event and get

A little late season footage from some local shredders

20.10.2011   Pete   videos   2 Comments

loans for tenants …c.a.b.l.e…s.h.r.e.d… from Sam Moser on Vimeo.

Early Season Riding

19.09.2011   Pete   videos   No comments

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Sittin Sideways

17.06.2011   Pete   videos   No comments

Sittin Sideways from Janky on Vimeo.

Shred Ready at Wake Nation Houston

17.05.2011   Pete   videos   2 Comments

The Texas Tour riding gets kicked off at the brand new Wake Nation cable park in Houston. Big thanks to the staff there that got the rails built and cable

More Than Machines Trailer

22.10.2010   Pete   videos   1 Comment

A must see film… advance line of credit

Wake Nation Interview

20.10.2010   Pete   videos   2 Comments

Jade Whirley @ Wake Nation

29.09.2010   Pete   videos   3 Comments

Jade Whirley shredding at Wake Nation. Jade Whirley @ Wake Nation from Phun Promotions on Vimeo.