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rc2The ropes course at Wake Nation was installed as a way to offer more unique opportunities, adventures, and experiences to our visitors. Over the years, we’ve seen it do way more than simply offer another ‘fun thing to do.’

Conquering Your Fear

Fear is limiting. It is confining. It is one of the biggest obstacles that stands in our way as human beings. Fear of failure – what ever that failure means. What if you could give yourself an opportunity to realize that you can conquer your fear? Strap into the harness and start climbing. Push yourself farther than you thought you could go, and realize that fear is no match for your drive and determination.

Building Your Team

What if you’re faced by an obstacle that you don’t believe you can overcome? You simply don’t have the skill set or experience it requires to make it through. It feels impossible – right? Now, what if you have a team behind you, cheering you on, offering advice and help to get to the other side. That’s what it’s like to climb the aerial ropes course at Wake Nation with your co-workers! Cheering each other on, helping each other through each piece of the challenge. You might be surprised at who turns out as the leader of the group.

Challenging Your Fitness

Think that the ropes course looks easy? Or, do you consider yourself exceptionally fit? Come challenge your fitness level by making your way through each portion of the course. With two stories of challenges of balance, focus, and concentration – you may be surprised at just how tough this course really is for you!

Join us during regular business hours for your trip around the course, or call us to schedule a special event for your friends or team!