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Wake Nation Houston now features two paintball fields!  Book your party or group event now.  Call us at 281-431-4444 or email

Pass: $20/person

Paintball Pass with All Rental: $40 (Includes Gun, Mask, Chest & Neck protection)

Rental Air Tank: $15

Air: $10

Rental Mask: $5

Chest Protector: $3

Neck Protector: $2

2,000 paintballs: $60

1,000 paintballs: $30

500 paintballs: $15

-Recommended wearing long pants and long sleeve shirt


paintball kid



*Paintball Park requires all players to use approved “barrel bags” and must be used at all times while players are not on the playing fields or chronograph areas. All players must use barrel bags.
*Field paint only facility, no outside paintballs allowed