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Week 1 of the 2013 Points Chase is in the books and here are the results, everyone rode well and had a good time and looking forward to doing it again next Tuesday the 28th!

Beginner Wakeboard:
1. Dillon Hayes
2. Barret Swope
3. Sianelli Cruz
4. Mike Flythe

Am. Wakeskate:
1.Kevin McLean
2. Yuri Kouznetsov

Novice Wakeboard:
1. Josh Hamilton
2. Daniel Barecky
3. Parker Swope
4. Rob Dill
5. LK Wolfe

Intermediate Wakeboard:
1. Caleb Bertram
2. Reyan Ebrahim
3. Andrew Mendez
4. Anna Nikstad
5. Dave Evans
6. Cole Waidhofer
7. Jack Chaney

Advanced Wakeboard:
1. Trevor Akers
2. Aaron Snow

Pro Wakeskate:
1. James Bertram
2. Chris Hailey
3. Luke Becker

Pro Wakeboard:
1. Eric Deegan
2. Erik Nikstad
3. Chase Mobley
4. Denver Jordan
5. Zach Kent


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