Points Chase week #2

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The weather finally cleared up and we were able to get week 2 of the Points Chase finished up.  Everyone had been pushing themselves since the first week and had some new moves to show off! Here are the standings from week 2 and thanks to Ronnie Bennett for the photo!

Beginner Wakeboard

1. Drew Murff

2. Parker Swope

3. Chad Harvey

4. John Bruce

5. Eastin Cripps

Intermediate Wakeboard

1. Zack Sawyer

2. Caleb Bertram

3. Vicki Dill

4. Rob Dill

5. Andrew Mendez

6. Austin Todd

7. Kasie Guynes

8. Lindsey Eidenberg

Advanced Wakeboard

1. Zach Kent

2. Cody Karstedt

3. Brett Moore

4. Jourdan Brogdon (this is jourdane babinouex from last week, I had the wrong last name down)

5. Brandon Ussery

6. Jeffrey Bourdon

Pro Wakeboard

1. Eric Deegan

2. Denver Jordan

3. Erik Nikstad

4. Mark Wilson

5. Chase Mobley

Am Wakeskate

1. Destin Miller

2. Kevin McKlean

3. Michael Heim

Pro Wakeskate

1. Sam Moser

2. James Bertram

3. Michael Fasching