Points Chase Week 2 Results

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Week 2 of the Points Chase went down last night and we had a little bit bigger turnout.  We got 37 riders out this week and everyone rode really well.  The Intermediate division was a definite standout with all the riders pushing their limits. There were a lot of falls and a lot of new tricks landed.  Pro Wakeskate is always a fun local rivalry and Pro Wakeboard, as usual, didn’t disappoint with several 9’s and backside 7’s being landed.  Here are the results for anyone that missed it and come out next week to get in on the action.

1. Dillon Hayes
2. Barrett Swope
3. Mike Flythe

1. Drew Murff
2. Josh Hamilton
3. Shae Ledford
4. Daniel Barecky
5. LK Wolfe
6. Maria Harrelson
7. John Bruce

Am. Skate:
1. Kevin McLean
2. Derek Hailey
3. Drew Murff

Intermediate Wakeboard:
1. Destin Miller
2. Anna Nikstad
3: Reyan Ebrahim
4. Jack Chaney
5. Cole Waidhofer
6. Corey Morris
7. Dave Evans
8. Andrew Mendez
9. Joel Barfield
10. Robby Garcia

Advanced Wakeboard:
1. Aaron Snow
2. Trevor Akers
3. Slayt Ebeling

Pro Wakeskate:
1. Sam Moser
2. James Bertram
3. Chris Hailey
4. Michael Fasching

Pro Wakeboard:
1. Eric Deegan
2. Erik Nikstad
3. Zach Kent
4. Justin Harrelson
5. Chase Mobley
6. Denver Jordan
7. Cody Karstedt