What Should I Wear When Paintballing?

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If you are heading out for a fun session of paintballing with your friends or coworkers, Wake Nation provides you with the gun and protective mask. However, to get the most out of your session and stay safe, you will want to be dressed properly and have extra protection that will keep you in the action and having fun.

Layer Up!

You may think because you will be splattered with paint that it would be a good idea to wear old clothes. This is fine, but you want to layer your clothes so that you have padding against the paintballs that will be striking you at a high velocity. Opt for clothing in dark or camouflaged colors to mapaintball-wrapperke yourself less noticeable. Make sure that all exposed skin is covered on your body because paintballs can leave welts on your skin. Exercise common sense with piling the layers on if it’s going to be hot to avoid overheating.

Some players invest in padded clothing that is specifically made for paintballing. Padded shirts and pants can cut down on the number of layers you will need to wear. It’s a good idea to wear an old long-sleeved t-shirt underneath the padded shirt and another or a hoodie on top. For pants, wear at least two layers that can protect you from rugged terrain if you are crawling around or diving from paintballs during the course of play. The baggier the paints the better because you will have more freedom to move.

Additional Protective Gear to Consider

Always wear head protection. Wear a winter hat, hoodie or baseball cap under a helmet made specifically for paintballing. Wear googles and gloves because you don’t want to be hit by a paintball travelling at 200 mph in your eye or on your bare hand.